Claro Walnut / Bastogne Walnut Desk


82” long, 20” to 36” wide, 2” thickness, finished with Rubio Monocoat natural color oil/protectant.

Metal hairpin legs, 28” height.

Black texture powder coated.

This amazing piece is two types of Walnut grafted together.

The long narrower portion is Claro Walnut, and the wider forked part is Bastogne Walnut.

Very unique and simply awesome.

This piece came from a huge, 130 year old Bastogne Walnut tree in Grimes, California.

This desk is just a small portion of one of the limbs.

The tree grew so large that it was lifting the house off of its foundation.

The homeowners decided, in order to save the house, the tree had to come down.

To assure it was done safely and professionally, they hired Big T’s Tree Service with the added bonus of knowing the wood, would be recycled into amazing things like this Desk.