Deadora Cedar River Dining Table


93.5” long, 40” wide, 2.25” thickness, finished with Rubio Monocoat natural color oil/protectant.

3/8” thick, blue green tempered glass forming the river.

U style metal legs, 2” x 4” metal, 28” height.

Black texture powder coated. Deadora Cedar is an ornamental tree used in landscapes to provide shade and beauty.

This 40 year old tree, planted in a group of seven other Deadora Cedars, was overtaken and crowded out of the valuable sun light, by the other trees.

It went into decline and was close to dying.

The property owners decided the safest thing to do was to have it removed.

They hired Big T’s Tree Service to safely remove their dying tree.

It lives on though, as this beautiful river table.