Redwood River Dining Table


99” long, 42” wide, 1.75” thickness, finished with Rubio Monocoat natural color oil/protectant.

3/8” thick blue green tempered glass forming the river.

U style metal legs, 2” x 4” metal, 28” height.

Black texture powder coated. Awesome action in this ones river.

The top portion of an 80 year old tree from Chico, California.

Unfortunately this Redwood grew too large for the space between two homes.

The homeowners got together and decided it would have to be cut down.

The problem was it’s close proximity to both homes and the potential for serious damage to one or both homes, while taking it down.

The solution, hire the experts at Big T’s Tree Service, safe, knowledgeable, and the right equipment for the job.

Bonus, they recycle the wood and make beautiful furniture from it.

Now the tree lives on in this awesome river table.