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  • Bastogne Walnut


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    66” long, 16” to 27” wide, 1 7/8” thick. Varying live edge. 16” tall, Black metal hairpin style legs. The table is finished in Rubio monocoat, natural color finish. The color in this piece is magnificent. Bastogne Walnut is a very hard, dense wood. This 100 year old tree was harvested in Grimes California. It was a massive tree, causing the foundation of the home adjacent to it to lift up.
  • Cedar


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    42” long x 24” to 26” wide 2.75” thick. Varying live edges. Rubio monocoat, Natural finish. Black metal hairpin style legs, 16” height. This 80 year old Cedar tree out of Chico, Ca. had to be cut down to make room for the home owners pool. Now it lives on as a beautiful piece of furniture.
  • Cedar River Coffee Table


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    48” long x 29” wide x 2.5” thick. 3/8” blue green glass forming the river. U style metal legs, 16” height. Black texture powder coat. Rubio monocoat natural finish. SOLD
  • Red Eucalyptus


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    29” long x 18” to 20” wide x 1 7/8” thickness, varying live edge, metal hairpin legs, Black. This fast growing species, grew too close to the owners’ home. Approx. age - 40 years.
  • Red Gum Eucalyptus


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    60” long, 22” to 24” wide, 1 7/8” thickness. Hairpin style legs, Black. The color in this wood is amazing. This Yuba City fast growing tree, got too close to the owners’ home,and had to be cut down. Free local delivery and setup
  • Out of stock
    Top- 48” long x 18” to 20” wide x 2.5” thick. Shelf- 32” long x 15” wide x 2.5” thick. Both have varying live edges. Finished with a polyurethane satin top coat. X frame style metal legs, 19.5” height. Black texture powder coat. 22” height to the top of table, 12” height to the top of shelf. This 60 year old tree from Colusa, Ca. was causing damage to the sidewalk, root pruning didn’t stop it, and ultimately it had to come down. SOLD !!